7 civilians killed in Assad airstrikes on Damascus’ Barzeh

Orient Net 2017-02-20 08:47:00

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Assad fighter jets carried out on Monday new round of airstrikes on Barzeh neighborhood, northeast of Damascus, killing and injuring several civilians.

The Media Office of Barzeh neighborhood said that Assad jets hit civilians’ homes in al-Hafez Street, which claimed the lives of seven civilians and wounded dozens, Orient News correspondent said. Four people are still missing under the rubble, our correspondent added, pointing out that the casualty toll might increase.

The medical center in Barzeh called on civilians in the nearby areas to head to the center and donate blood as there were many injuries.

In recent days, Iran-backed foreign militias had increased their indiscriminate bombardment on Barzeh, al-Qaboon and Tishreen neighborhoods, and the area located west of Harasta highway, which killed at least 27 civilians and injured dozens.

Also, Assad terrorists’ checkpoints scattered in the surroundings of Barzeh prevented civilians from heading to Damascus, only allowing some students and employees to leave the neighborhood. Civilians were threatened to be shot at if spotted trying to flee.

The Assad regime’s military escalation comes in light of its failure in recent weeks to break into the cities and towns of eastern Ghouta, suffering great losses in lives and materiel.