19 civilians killed in Assad attack on funeral procession in Harasta

Orient Net 2017-02-18 15:48:00

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Assad terrorists perpetrated Saturday evening a new massacre against civilians in the city of Harasta in Damascus eastern countryside, killing and injuring many civilians.

Nineteen civilians were killed by Assad terrorists’ mortar attacks on a funeral procession in the western parts of Harasta, near the outskirts al-Qaboon neighborhood, as dozens of mourners were heading to bury a killed civilian who lost his life by Assad attacks on al-Qaboon neighborhood earlier on Saturday, Orient News correspondent Hadi al-Munajed said.

The mortar attack caused many injuries, dozens of which were critical. This makes the death toll more likely to increase, our correspondent added.

Dozens of families started fleeing their homes in Harasta to Damascus eastern countryside as a result of this incident and the previous targeting of al-Qaboon neighborhood.

Earlier on Saturday, Assad terrorists indiscriminately shelled many neighborhoods in Damascus with rockets and artillery shells. The attacks were reported in Barzeh, al-Qaboon and Tishreen neighborhoods. Many civilians were gravely wounded amid calls for blood donation.