Mosul: Abuses against civilians continue, church ‎disassociates itself from Christian militia

Orient Net - NEWARAB 2017-02-18 11:00:00

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People of Mosul find themselves obliged to flee their ‎homes despite the Baghdad Army’s announcement of ‎taking control of the eastern part of their city, the ‎NEWARAB paper reported.    ‎

The so-called the ’Popular Mobilization Units’ and ‎the Baghdad Army are involved in reprisal acts and ‎arbitrary arrests against hundreds of civilians from Mosul. ‎

Bodies of civilians are found in squares and in ‎abandoned buildings, let alone cases of kidnapping and ‎looting under the pretext of tracking down ISIS ‎sleeper cells, according to Khalid, a Mosul local speaking to the ‎NEWARAB.‎

All these violations and abuses are committed with the ‎knowledge of the Iraqi PM’s office. Officials, who are ‎charged of observing the general situation in the ‎eastern neighbourhoods of Mosul, also know that ‎these violations are perpetrated.‎

Khaled Abdullah, 47, fled from Mosul in June. 10, ‎‎2014 when ISIS took control of the Iraqi large city. ‎Baghdad forces also fled from the city on that day, ‎leaving their military locations to be seized by ISIS ‎terrorists.  ‎

The continuation of reprisal and revenge acts against ‎civilians in Mosul by sectarian militias made al-‎Kaldaniyya Church and other bishops, in statements ‎published at intervals, disassociate themselves from ‎these ugly crimes committed by a Christian militia ‎calls itself the ’Christian Brigade of Babylon against ‎people of Mosul.’ ‎

‎Meanwhile, some Iraqi tribal leaders and parliament ‎members appealed to the UN and to the US-led ‎coalition for putting an end to those crimes against ‎civilians.  ‎

On his side, Mohammad Ali, the head of al-Salam ‎Organization for Human Rights, said in a speech to ‎the NEWARAB that at least 800 Iraqi citizens were ‎either killed or kidnapped or even unaccounted  for in ‎Mosul.‎

On Jan. 5, Amnesty International said Iraq’s Popular ‎Mobilization Units were engaged in a "systematic ‎pattern of violations," including enforced ‎disappearances, torture and unlawful killings ‎targeting the Sunni community in Mosul.‎

Popular Mobilization Units is a coalition of ‎predominantly Iranian-trained Shia groups, formed in ‎‎2014. ‎

Baghdad said  it captured the eastern neighborhoods of  ‎Mosul from ISIS in (January ‎‎24). earlier this year.