Awaiting the big bang that will cause the whole region to fall apart!

Awaiting the big bang that will cause the whole region to fall apart!
Israel is no longer an enemy of the Arab peoples because of what is happening in the region, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said. He pointed out that Israel is making alliances or is asked to make alliances with the governments of the region, be they against radical Sunni groups or against Iran and its extremist militias. In other words, Israel is the beneficiary in both cases!

It is most likely that the peoples of Levant and Egypt did not want to be in conflict with the Jews after they settled in Palestine Plain, and the evidence for this is that before the “war” of 1948, there were some skirmishes which were amplified and called revolutions.

Second, the region is historically used to migrations. During the migration of the Jews at the turn of the 20th century, two major migrations took place: Armenians, who are Christians that came and settled in the Levant, and Circassians, who are non-Arab Muslims. The region welcomed both. They settled in Levant and Egypt. At that time, Alexandria was a cosmopolitan city where Italians, Greeks, Turks and Circassians lived.

Third, there were 850 thousand Jews who left the Arab States to Palestine. However, the region could have assimilated them as a part of its assimilation of transmigrations. The region is accustomed to trans-migrations, too. An example is the Maghrebis, a name used to describe people who come from anywhere further than Egypt, have presence in Damascus, Aleppo and Jerusalem. There are neighborhood and city gates which were named after them!

Fourth, there was this good neighborhood and harmony relation between Jews and Arabs for around 1300 years in Damascus, Aleppo, Beirut, Iraq, Yemen, Morocco, Tunisia and Palestine. In the latter, the just Muslim Caliphate Omar Ibn al-Khattab recognized the religious rights of the Jews in Jerusalem. He also refused the request of the Patriarch of Jerusalem to displace the Jews from the city. Muslims continued to deal with the Jews this way. For Muslims, Jews are “People of Dhimma”. Dhimmis are non-Muslims and they are perceived to be in the custody of the prophet of Muslims, Muhammad, as he said: “He who hurts a Dhimmi I am his adversary, and I shall be an adversary to him on the Day of Judgement.” Even in Al-Andalus, Muslims and Jews built Al-Andalus together, and were killed and displaced from it together!

Most probably, European colonialists were behind kindling this issue and are still adding oil to fire. While some Arab countries in the region are collapsing, Europeans are worried about establishing a state for Abo Mazen in Jericho.

This hypothesis is supported when we know that Europeans have been harboring grudge against Jews since Renaissance, even in literature according to the works of the most eminent poet and playwright in Western Europe, William Shakespeare, and others. This grudge started by harassing and displacing them at the beginning of the 20th century and was culminated by the massacres perpetrated against the Jews during World War II.

It is certain that the military coups in the Arab World, which started with Egypt’s Abdul Nasser reaching to Qaddafi, Assad, Saddam Hussein and the militaries of Tunisia, Algeria and Sudan, were all backed by the Euro-American West, which is still backing the rule of reckless, military dictatorship in the region.

These military men were the ones who created the peculiar slogan of war against Israel, despite the fact that they themselves were the ones who handed over Palestine Plain to the Jews. All of them were officers ‘fighting’ in the ‘battlefield’ during the Nakba in 1948. They returned from the battlefield and made slogan-based coups against the civil rule, while these slogans have not been proved right. They rose to power in their countries, including Abdul Nasser in Egypt, Hosni al-Za’im and Adib Shishakli in Syria, and Abdul Karim Qassem in Iraq, in rotten deals, whose odours caused noses to sting. Since then, the military rule in the Arab World has been effectively contributing to strengthening and expanding the rule in Israel by fake wars. In 1967, the “resisting” military man Hafez Assad surrendered Syria’s Golan and Egypt’s Abdul Nasser surrendered Sinai, while Jordan surrendered Jerusalem. In 1973, Hafez Assad yielded the strategic Abu al-Nada Hill in Golan Heights.

These fake wars were used by these military men to put the peoples of the region into coma under the slogans of resistance and war against Israel. The military men depleted the resources of their countries and people, and corrupted the people. Those who are unwilling to partake in corruption will either take their way to exile, or be imprisoned until death.

As for the displaced Palestinians, most of those who left their homes were displaced by the Arab “armies” which entered Palestine at the time of Nakba. The armies asked them to evacuate their areas because they had become military zones, promising Palestinians that they would return home days after military operations were over and victory achieved. However, what happened after military men handed over the areas to the Jews was that military men came back to power and tortured the displaced Palestinians by promises, slogans, killings, imprisonments, and mostly by obliterating their identity. Instead of being given the houses of the 850 thousand Jews who left the Arab states, the 650 thousand Palestinians were left homeless and were deprived of decent life. It was a severe punishment which Palestinians suffered from only for being Palestinians, and caused suffering to the whole region.

The first to adopt the slogan of the war against Israel were the leftist parties. Most of these parties were affiliated with Russia, the first state to recognize Israel as a state, or affiliated with leftist, nationalist European parties, which used to organize protest in the Jewish neighborhoods in the Arab cities, to harass them and push them to migrate to Palestine. The leadership of such parties were mostly from the Christian minority, whose holy books are full of anti-Jewish rhetoric. The Muslims’ Qur’an, however, does not allow fighting the Jews unless they fight Muslims! Some minorities still use the slogans of enmity to the Israelis while they live in prosperity among them!

The parties involved in the fake conflict -- the Arab military regimes and the successive Israeli governments -- benefited from this status. Having determined the Arab military regimes’ need for such a conflict, the need of the extremist Jews, who constitute the backbone of the Israeli governments, is not coexistence, but to willingly establish an estranged state in the region. Such a state insists on making enemies of the peoples of the region since its participation in the tripartite aggression on Egypt, a participation that it had nothing to do with. It could have left the geographic borders open to allow Jews to be a part of the social texture in the region, or at least to allow the proclaimed state of Israel to drop enmity with the Arab peoples. Instead, Isreal is fueling a conflict whose two sides lose, while the third beneficiary side is overseas!

In the end, the Jewish migrations could have been taken into the region as previous and coinciding migrations were. They could have benefited all the population in the region, instead of waging fake wars for false identities. The outcome of these wars is millions of victims in addition to the demise of states and peoples as we were told by the advocates of the big bang!

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