Assad terrorists, Russian jets hit areas in Daraa, suburbs

Assad terrorists, Russian jets hit areas in Daraa, suburbs
Assad terrorists intensified on Friday attacks on opposition-held towns and cities in Daraa, while Russian fighter jets conducted tens of airstrikes on residential areas in the city.

Multiple Russian airstrikes hit Daraa al-Balad neighborhood in Daraa and al-Nomeima town, east of Daraa, while Busra al-Sham was targeted with 11 airstrikes, Orient News correspondent said. The strikes left dozens of civilians injured.

As a result of the Russian airstrikes on Daraa, Al Jazeera channel correspondent, Muhammad Nour, was injured, the Al Jazeera said, without indicating the severity of the injury. Activists, however, said that Nour has lost his arm.

Also, Assad terrorists hit civilians’ homes in al-Yadoudeh town with rockets, killing one civilian and injuring a number of others, our correspondent added.

Tel Shihab makeshift hospital declared being rendered inoperable because of the shelling it witnessed.

Most mosques in opposition-controlled areas in Daraa declared cancelling the gathering for Friday prayers, fearing mass massacres if targeted.

On Sunday, opposition fighters announced the start of an offensive in Daraa, Death over ‎Kneeling Down. The offensive started with three car bombs in al-‎Mensheyya neighborhood, which killed and injured many Assad ‎terrorists.‏ The last two points that opposition controlled were al-Rahman Bakery and al-Orouj Nursery in the said neighborhood, according to Orient News correspondent.

Al-Bunyan al-Marsous Operations Room (BMOR), the operations room coordinating the recent offensive, said that the “Death over Kneeling Down” Battle was launched in Daraa al-Balad because Assad terrorists have never abode by the declared ceasefire, in addition to their attempts to advance on many fronts in Daraa.

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