Opposition-held Daraa al-Balad is disaster-stricken - Locals

Opposition-held Daraa al-Balad is disaster-stricken - Locals
The Local Council of Daraa City, a body that runs the opposition-held areas in Daraa, has declared Daraa al-Balad neighborhood a disaster-stricken area as a result of the recent shelling and bombardment campaign by Assad terrorists.

In a statement, the council said that because of the “unprecedented” bombardment campaign on the opposition-controlled areas in Daraa, the hit neighborhoods have become disaster-stricken, lacking drinking water and medical facilities. 

The statement said that families have fled their homes and are living in the open, while children have become deprived of schools and basic medical care.

The intensive shelling targeted civilians’ properties and infrastructure, including schools and hospitals. Six makeshift hospitals were rendered out of service because of the shelling by Russian fighter jets, activists said.

The statement, issued by the Local Council of Daraa, called on the international community to stop the “killing machine ” which is killing children and destroying homes and civilization built by ancestors.

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