Opposition publishes 21 names to attend Geneva talks ‎

Orient Net 2017-02-12 17:19:00

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Names of the 21 delegates ‎to next week’s UN peace talks in Geneva were published by opposition sources.‎

The opposition, the coalition and platforms delegation will ‎gather Mohamed Sabra, Nasr al-Hariri, ‎Mohammad al-Shamali, Fuad al-Liko, Ilias ‎Meferrej, Abdul Majeed Hamo, Nasha’t ‎Tameh, Abdul Ahed Isteifo, Khalid Mhemeed, ‎Besma Qedemati and Alaa Arafat.‎

The opposition fighting groups delegation will ‎gather Fateh Hassoon from Tahrir Homs, ‎Bashar al-Zuabi from the southern front, ‎Muatasem Shmir from al-Rahman Brigade, ‎Ahmad Ottoman from Sultan Murad Brigade, Ziyad ‎al-Hariri from the southern front, Rakan ‎Dokan from the southern front, Khalid Abba ‎from al-Shamiyya front, Haythem Rahmah ‎from al-Sham brigade in the north and Khalid al-Nabelsi from the southern front.    ‎

Late last year, a ceasefire agreement ‎brokered by Turkey and Russia went into ‎effect across Syria. It is relatively holding, despite Assad non stop violations reported from many areas.  ‎

On Jan. 23 and 24, peace talks were held in ‎Kazakh capital Astana at which participants ‎discussed means of consolidating the cease‎fire. ‎

Led by Turkey and Russia, the talks were ‎attended by representatives of Iran and the ‎US, along with those of the Assad regime ‎and opposition. ‎

In Astana, Turkey, Russia and Iran agreed to ‎establish a joint monitoring mechanism to ‎ensure implementation of the ceasefire.‎