PYD, Assad regime discuss targeting Op. Euphrates Shield

PYD, Assad regime discuss targeting Op. Euphrates Shield
Assad regime and the PKK/PYD terrorist group have discussed a possible cooperation against Turkey-backed Operation Euphrates Shield in northern part of the country, a source told Anadolu Agency on Saturday. 

A Russia-brokered meeting between Assad terrorists and top representatives of the terror group was held on Friday at Khmeimim airbase in the western Syrian city of Latakia, said a source, who also attended the meeting, on the condition of anonymity. 

The Operation Euphrates Shield, which captured the major part of ISIS stronghold al-Bab in northern Syria, became the main topic of the discussion, the source said noting both parties were afraid of Turkey-backed opposition fighters’ advance towards PKK/PYD-held territories in the region. 

Turkey views the PYD as the Syrian-offshoot of the PKK, a group designated as terrorist by Turkey, the US and EU. 

The meeting was concluded with an agreement to raise the Assad regime flag in major residential areas of southern part of Azaz city, including Tal Rifat, Minning, Meranaz, Deyr Jamal, Ayn Dakna and Mayer, in order to stop the advance of the Operation Euphrates Shield forces. 

The Operation Euphrates Shield, led by Free Syrian Army fighters, began late August to improve security, support coalition forces, and eliminate the terror threat along the Turkish border backed by Turkish artillery and jets. 

The operation has focused on the ISIS-held city of al-Bab since early December. FSA fighters supported by Turkish forces have reached the town’s western and northern outskirts, according to a Turkish military statement on Saturday. 

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