Assad terrorists perpetrate horrible massacre in al-Waer

Orient Net 2017-02-10 11:25:00

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Assad terrorists perpetrated a horrible ‎massacre in the besieged neighborhood of a-‎Waer in Homs, killing and injuring many civilians. ‎

This is the second massacre in a week. Assad terrorists conducted multiple airstrikes on al-Waer neighborhood on Friday. Six civilians were killed and more than 15 were injured. Houses were leveled on heads on their owners. Pieces of human bodies and limbs were scattered on the ground in the attacked area, Orient News correspondent said. 

All mosques in al-Waer cancelled the Friday prayer to avoid any further massacres, because Assad terrorists deliberately target gatherings of civilians.   

People in al-Waer are living in dire conditions. They are in desperate need of medicines and medical supplies. Assad terrorists are increasing their attacks on the Assad-besieged neighborhood to force its people to leave their homes in a Darayya-like scenario.