Opposition foils Assad terrorists’ attack on Hosh Nasri in Ghouta

Orient Net 2017-02-09 13:41:00

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Clashes renewed on Thursday between opposition fighters and Assad terrorists when the latter tried to break into Hosh Nasri front in Damascus eastern countryside.

Opposition’s Jaysh al-Islam declared on its Twitter account killing several Iran-backed militiamen and destroying an Assad T72 tank as its fighters repelled the attempted storming in Hosh Nasri.

In a infografic, Jaysh al-Islam published the losses it inflicted on Assad terrorists and the allied Iran-backed militias in January. 243 Assad terrorists were killed, nine Assad tanks and three howitzers were destroyed. More, three vehicles were damaged beyond repair and two reconnaissance drones were shot down.

On Wednesday, opposition fighters recaptured three positions on the outskirts of Meida’any town, east of Hazrama Battalion, after a joint military operations between Jaysh al-Islam and Ahrar al-Sham, al-Rahman Corps. The fighting between three opposition factions on the one side and Assad terrorists and Iran-backed militias on the other left at least 13 terrorists killed.

https://orient-news.net/news_images/17_2/1486649676.jpg'>(Still from video footage published by Jaysh al-Islam showing the fighting to repel the attacks on Hosh Nasri in Damascus eastern countryside)

Pro-Assad pages on social media announced the death of ten Assad terrorists during the past days alone. The terrorists were all killed in Damascus eastern countryside and included senior officers.