Israeli helicopters hit Hezbollah positions in Syria’s Quneitra

Orient Net 2017-02-09 05:02:00

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Israeli warplanes carried out Wednesday new airstrikes on Hezbollah and Assad terrorists’ locations in Quneitra countryside, south of Syria.

Israeli helicopters conducted late on Wednesday multiple airstrikes on Hezbollah positions in al-Baath city in Quneitra countryside, Orient News correspondent reported.

The strikes hit military locations for Hezbollah in al-Ommaliya neighborhood, which is considered a main bastion for Hezbollah terrorists, our correspondent said, adding that there is no information about the human losses among Hezbollah terrorists.

The pro-Iran al-Mayadeen TV admitted the strikes took place, while the Israeli army confirmed its targeting of a military post for the Assad regime in the occupied Golan Heights, saying that the targeting came after a tank round which was fired from Syria.

Israeli warplanes had targeted military posts for Hezbollah and Assad regime in Quneitra and in Damascus countryside including al-Mazzeh military airport.