Assad regime’s airstrikes kill 11 civilians in Homs’ al-Waer

2017-02-08 14:33:00

Assad terrorists perpetrated today a ‎massacre in the Assad-besieged neighborhood of ‎al-Waer in Homs.‎

Assad regime’s warplanes conducted 4 ‎airstrikes on al-Waer neighbourhood, targeting ‎residential buildings. Assad terrorists also ‎shelled the area with heavy artillery. Eleven ‎civilians were immediately killed and at least ‎40 civilians were injured, Osama Abo Zeid, the head of ‎media office in al-Waer said. ‎

Al-Waer witnessed on Tuesday an escalation ‎by the Assad regime after more than one ‎month of uneasy calmness. Assad terrorists, ‎located al-Jazeera al-Tasa’a (The Ninth Area), ‎shelled six ground-to-ground missiles and tens ‎of  mortar bombs. the attacks hit the hospital of Bir and the ‎Justice palace. The indiscriminate attacks also left many casualties.‎

This Assad escalation on the neighbourhood ‎was interpreted by analysts as a form of ‎pressure on the 100.000 civilians. 

The Assad policy of ‎‎‘surrender or leave’ is expected to be ‎witnessed in this neighbourhood as they were ‎witnessed in the Old Homs, Darayya, eastern ‎Aleppo and many other places. ‎

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