Mosul: Christian militia leader to civilians: Leave homes or die ‎

Orient Net 2017-02-07 17:39:00

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A commander of a Christian militia working in ‎coordination with the ‘Popular Mobilization ‎Forces’ in Iraq, threatened locals in one of the ‎Mosul neighbourhoods with either leaving ‎homes or exterminating, according to ‎video footage published on social media.‎


Salman Aso Habbeh was warning sons of the ‎Arab tribes in the Takleef province of al-Mosul ‎of death if they did not leave their homes and villages  within 72 ‎hours.   ‎

"If I see anyone of you in this area after 72 ‎hours from now, I will remove him by hoe," Aso ‎Habbeh says in the published footage.‎

Salman Aso Habeh is a Christian militia ‎commander. He was born in Nineveh in 1956.  ‎His terrorist group was notorious for torturing ‎civilians fleeing from al-Faloja in Iraq.‎

It is worth reminding that the pro-Iran militias ‎committed many atrocities and abuses against ‎Sunnis in Iraq. Human Rights Watch (HRW) ‎accused those sectarian groups, in many reports in 2016, of ‎detaining and torturing ‎civilians near Mosul in northern Iraq.