Assad chlorine missiles hit Damascus’s Erbin, 5 people killed

Orient Net 2017-02-07 10:12:00

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Assad terrorists conducted ‎on Tuesday multiple ‎airstrikes and attacked with heavy artillery shells  ‎many towns in Damascus eastern countryside. ‎

‎Seven missiles and tens of ‎artillery shells were fired by ‎Assad terrorists on the town ‎of Erbin in Damascus eastern ‎countryside. Some of the ‎missiles contained chemical ‎heads which immediately ‎killed five people in the ‎attacked area, Orient Net ‎learnt from field sources.‎

Damascus eastern ‎countryside witnessed on ‎Monday many failed ‎attempts of progress by ‎Assad terrorists from the axis ‎of Hoosh Nasri. At least 20 ‎Assad terrorists were killed ‎and many of their vehicles were ‎destroyed.