IDPs of Wadi Barada reach Qal’at al-Madiq halfway to Idlib

Orient Net 2017-01-30 10:06:00

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Internally Displaced People of Wadi Barada reached Monday at noon Qal’at al-Madiq in Hama northwestern countryside on their way to Idlib in northern Syria, as a part of a deal struck with Assad regime, Orient News correspondent reported.

The IDPs forcibly left Wadi Barada early Monday at 03:15 am local time (01:15GMT) said Orient News correspondent Mohammad Abdulrahman. Residents of Ql’at al-Madiq made some preparations to receive the population coming from Wadi Barada, our correspondent added, as 2100 people riding in 45 buses, including 70 injured people in ambulances of the Syrian Red Crescent, were about to reach Qal’at al-Madiq to change the buses in order to continue their way to Idlib in the north.

On Sunday, maintenance teams, bound to fix the pumping station of Ein al-Fijeh water spring facility, entered Ein al-Fijeh town. The damage was caused by Hezbollah and Assad terrorists’ indiscriminate shelling on Wadi Barada for about 40 days.