Syrian infant dies in Lebanon snowstorm

Orient Net 2017-01-28 13:48:00

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A Syrian female infant was killed when a tree fell on the warehouse where her family was staying after a snowstorm hit north Lebanon on Saturday. 

The storms hitting Akkar caused a tree to fall on a warehouse in Kafr Malki town, the National News Agency (NNA) reported.

The fall in temperature that caused a snowfall in the country resulted in restraining the movement of dozens of cars on the road of Dahr al-Baidar which links al-Bekaa and Beirut.

Many areas in north Lebanon, where Syrian refugee camps are based, witnessed electricity cuts in al-Batroun and Tripoli. The cuts were caused by a malfunction in the power plant and a flood in al-Nahr al-Kabir River. Water level on the main roads surrounding the river in Akkar reached half a meter. 

NNA said that four refugee camps are located near the river stream. The Lebanese Red Cross and Disaster Management Unit put up a plan to evacuate the camps in case the floods reached them.