11 Assad deadly airstrikes conducted on Harasta, Erbin

2017-01-25 13:13:00

Assad terrorists conducted Wednesday a new round of deadly airstrikes on the two cities of Harasta and Erbin in Damascus eastern countryside to cover the Shiite mercenaries on the ground.

“While I am reporting to you, Assad terrorists and the allied Shiite mercenaries are trying to occupy new areas in Harasta and Erbin. Eleven Assad airstrikes have been conducted in a relatively short time,” Orient News correspondent Hadi al-Munajed reports.

Video footage published by Smart news agency showed a fifty-year-old man from Erbin saying: While were were sitting at home, Assad-Russian warplanes struck and hit our area. What sins have these children did. Assad regime has displaced Syrians, May God take revenge on him." 

Assad reinforcements have been massing for weeks near Harasta and Erbin in a bid to drive locals from the towns, the site of the Assad chemical massacre in which hundreds of Syrian civilians, mostly children and women,  died in August of 2013.

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