What if Trump were worse than Obama?

What if Trump were worse than Obama?
Even if the new American President Donald Trump decides to build walls with his neighbors, expel 10 million illegal residents from the U.S. and abstain from extending his protection over Europe and southeast Asia and his allies in the Middle East, we will not worry much because American policy under former President Barack Obama has been so bad to the extent where Trump is acceptable regardless of what he does or does not do in our region.

So, if Trump actually made peace with Iran, supported Assad’s regime in Syria, didn’t lift a finger to aid millions of refugees and displaced people around the world, and remained silent over Russia’s expansions, all of that had already happened during Obama’s presidency.

Terrorism has spread across the world with over ten European cities attacked in a way no one had ever imagined. This is due to the reckless policy adopted by the previous administration.

Chaos, encouraged by the former administration, erupted throughout seven Arab states.

When revolution began in Libya, Obama sat and did nothing until ISIS and terrorist forces were deployed all over the country and killed the U.S. Ambassador.

In Egypt, Obama’s policy led the army to oust President Husni Mubarak in the name of revolution. The country was then left in chaos which prompted a military intervention.

Obama was adamant to make a democratic change in Yemen, then abandoned his support and left the insurgents to overtake the power by force of arms.

The former president’s position in Bahrain was just as worse. He tried to back the opposition and enforce it on the authorities, but the gulf countries put an end to his attempts and sent its troops for support.

Obama withdrew all of U.S military troops from Iraq, which held a significant symbolism and was an important entity for agreements with the Iraqi government. He left the country a prey in the hands of Iran and ISIS terrorist organization.

The situation in Syria was the worst disaster in Obama’s presidential term and the region’s history in over half a decade. His hesitation and empty promises increased destruction in the country and the displacement and killing of Syrian people.

It turned out that Obama had sold Syria in order to negotiate with Iran to achieve his nuclear agreement with it.

Later on, it was also revealed that the former president granted Iran more than just a lift off sanctions and end of the containment policy. He delivered large sums of money for Tehran and didn’t say a word concerning its sabotaging role in the region. He didn’t even protect his own citizens and naval force from the aggression of Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

During Obama’s presidency, chaos was all over the region and the number of terrorist organizations increased as well as its members and activity.

No one wanted Obama to intervene militarily, since the military intervention in Iraq had failed during George Bush’s era.

But Obama made a mistake when he banned his allies from selling weapons to the Syrian opposition, because he didn’t want to anger Iran. He was also wrong when he underestimated the power of the terrorist organizations, until they spread terror in the world.

After eight years of those terrible failures of Obama in power, no one will be worried about the policy the new president shall adopt. It can’t be worse than what it had reached today.

No one expects President Trump to accomplish political and military achievements. It will be an important accomplishment if his administration decided to stop Obama’s policy that had encouraged Iran to expand wars, and left terrorist organizations to wander freely.

Abdulrahman Al-Rashed (Asharq Al-Awsat)

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