Assad regime to displace 160 Syrians from Damascus’ Zakia

2017-01-20 10:48:00

Assad regime and its allied Shiite terrorists continue pursuing the sectarian policy of forced displacement against Syrians.

160 Syrians are obliged to leave, n a new deal, the town of Zakia in Damascus western countryside. Buses will take them to Idlib after they have rejected to succumb to Assad regime’s conditions of surrender.

The deal stipulates releasing 250 detainees from the Assad regime’s concentration centres. It also stipulates not allowing Assad terrorists’ entrance the town of Zakia.

Assad regime aims in this policy (of kneel or die) at “securing” the capital Damascus. 

Darayya, al-Moaddamiyyeh, Qedsaya and al-Hameh and other towns and cities in Damascus countryside witnessed the same fate of Assad displacement, while the world was standing by and doing nothing, Syrian activists said.

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