Assad LT Gen killed in tunnel under civilian houses in Harasta

Orient Net 2017-01-18 05:06:00

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The Assad terrorist, Lieutenant General Bilal Bilal, was killed while inspecting the Assad terrorists in a tunnel under one of the civilian buildings in the city of Harasta in Damascus eastern countryside, Orient News’s correspondent Mohammad Abdulrahman said.   

"We announce to you the death of the Lieutenant General Bilal Bilal in Harasta. He has been killed by opposition while visiting soldiers in one of the tunnels in the city of Harasta in Damascus eastern countryside. Bilal Bilal comes from the city of Homs," one of the Assad regime’s affiliated Facebook pages says without giving further details.   

Assad terrorists are pursuing the strategy of tunneling, digging before detonating civilians’ houses in Damascus eastern countryside. They aim in destroying houses of civilians at creating free open zones before their headquarters where foreign fighters located.   

It is worthy to note that Harasta nad Darayya are among the most devastated cities in Damascus countryside.