Turkey builds orphanage for Syrian children in Hatay

Orient Net - Yeni Safak 2017-01-17 06:30:00

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The Turkish government and non-governmental organizations are fastidiously working on projects to meet the Syrian orphans’ needs, particularly their education. In a new project, a children’s center is being constructed in the southern Hatay province’s Reyhanlı town as a joint attempt of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.

The orphanage, projected to be completed in 2017, will provide 990 Syrian orphans a cozy home environment, thereby being a warm and safe shelter for desolate children who have to live on streets, at parks or with strangers.

Thus, Syrian children who lost their families in the 5-year war will be protected from missionary activities and falling into the hands of malevolent and mafia organizations.

Villa-type houses

Reportedly, 35 villa-type houses for boys and 20 for girls are being built in this compound, designed especially for orphans and once it is completed, 18 children will live in each house which is architecturally designed to be 350 square meters.

In its center will be three schools, a hospital, an assembly and an exhibit building, an administrative center, a hall of personnel, play fields, parks, plantations and a large green space.

They will also receive a solid education from an expertly trained staff and their war traumas will be able to be rehabilitated through psychological treatment and having the social and cultural environment they need.

Syrian orphans will therefore be reintegrated into the society and they will look at the future with hope.

The center will also look after the children until they have completed their university degrees.