Aleppo’s Mara’: Opposition seizes oil trucks on way to Assad areas

Aleppo’s Mara’: Opposition seizes oil trucks on way to Assad areas
Opposition fighters in the city of Mara’ in Aleppo northern countryside have seized tens of trucks loaded with crude oil. The trucks were going to the Assad regime’s oil refinery in Homs, Orient Net learnt from special sources.   

"We the opposition fighters in the city of Mara’ have seized these trucks of crude oil. The trucks are coming from ISIS-controlled areas. They are heading to Assad regime’s territories. We do not know who stand behind this business. But what we know that we will never sell the blood of our fellow Syrians for free. These trucks will never pass through our land," one of the opposition fighters in Mara’ says in video footage published on YouTube channel which Orient Net has not verified.  

"Drivers come from Homs to al-Qameshli. They load fuel. Then, they drive to Efreen in Aleppo northern countryside. Hussam al-Katerji men provide security and smooth unhindered movement of the trucks," one of the divers explains in the footage about the roads they take.

Hussam Ahmad al-Katerji, a middleman who plays the role of buying daily shipments of high qualitative oil. 

Assad regime’s warplanes avoid attacking those trucks, while ISIS’ checkpoints turn a blind eye to the abuses committed by al-Katerji’s drivers and his aides, like smoking, shaving beards.

Ahmad al-Katerji has a large network of business, including trucks to transport goods from ISIS-controlled areas to Assad regime’s areas, and vice versa.

The US Treasury Department named in the last two years four individuals and six entities for sanctions for their support of the Assad regime. The department highlighted "ongoing Assad regime’s ties to ISIS."

Sanctions were imposed on George Haswani, a Syrian national, and his company, HESCO Engineering and Construction Company.

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