Reports of 3 Russian soldiers found dead in Aleppo

Orient Net 2017-01-14 13:44:00

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Dead bodies of three Russian soldiers were found in Tariq al-Bab neighborhood in Aleppo on Friday, according to accounts from local people. 

The accounts indicate the bodies were found near al-Hilwaniyah juncture when Assad regime mercenaries were raiding and searching homes in the area. 

The circumstances behind the death of the soldiers are not clear. So far, Russia has not commented on the news. There are speculations that the dead were from the Russian military police. 

Last December, Russia deployed a battalion from its military police to Aleppo. The number of troops was not revealed but a battalion usually consists of 300 to 800 soldiers. Russian military police is a subdivision of the Russian military.

In 22 December, Iran-backed militias and Assad regime with air support from Russian warplanes occupied eastern Aleppo after a brutal offensive that killed hundreds of civilians and destroyed most of the eastern neighborhoods’ hospitals, schools and infrastructure.