Obama to deliver his farewell speech tonight

Orient Net 2017-01-10 14:49:00

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US President Barack Obama will deliver his farewell address Tuesday evening after nearly eight years in the White House.

The outgoing president will deliver his address from his home city of Chicago at McCormick Place – the same venue where he gave his 2012 election night acceptance speech.

The president said his decision to do the speech in Chicago as opposed to the more traditional setting of the Oval office was because “Chicago is where it all started,” said the president in a White House preview of the speech, according to CBS.

With President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration day looming, the president is expected to talk about what his administration has accomplished and what he may want to see for the next administration.

The president’s farewell speech comes the same day as confirmation hearings for Trump’s cabinet nominees were set to begin.

While his speech is open to the public, those who do not have tickets to the live event must watch it from a screen since all the tickets have been handed out.

Obama leaves office, while Syria has reached unprecedented crisis. The Obama administration did not have a peace plan in the Middle Eastern country. Obama’s legacy will be heavy to carry by US-President-elect Donald Trump, especially in the rise of Russian and Iranian influence in the Middle East, according to observers.