Damascus: Water acute shortage as Assad militias hit Wadi Barada

Damascus: Water acute shortage as Assad militias hit Wadi Barada
Tens of thousands of Syrians in Damascus and the surrounding areas are suffering from an acute water shortage as ongoing Assad and Hezbollah’s airstrikes and attacks never stop hitting the Ein al-Fijeh (the Spring of Fijeh) in Wadi Barada. 

Located northwest of Damascus, Wadi Barada in the upper Barada River valley is the main water-supply source for the capital. Assad terrorists’ continuous attacks have severely damaged water supply facilities over the past half month.

Damascus residents have been braving cold weather to fetch water at temporary supply points across the city. They usually wait for about three hours, enduring the harsh winter winds.

"The situation is too bad. We have been lacking water for more than 20 days. The households living on the lower floors have some tap water. But those living on the higher floors have nothing. You see we use kettles and buckets to fetch water. The water shortage has brought us new stress. It’s too hard for us," said Adnan, a resident in Damascus.

Andan, like many Syrians, speak about their "stress" without mentioning Assad and Hezbollah terrorists who stand behind the destruction of water pumping stations in Wadi Barada. Assad terrorists rule Damascus with sheer brutality and iron grip. No one dares to speak the truth, Syrian activist told Orient Net 

The water shortage has caused great inconvenience, with some residents concerned about their personal hygiene amid the ongoing crisis. The United Nations have warned about the risks of the spread of infectious diseases due to lack of water resources. Local residents have been snapping up bottled drinking water despite the price rising by 50 percent.

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