Assad regime attacks Daraa’s Lajat, opposition repels attack

Orient Net 2017-01-07 14:44:00

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Opposition fighters repelled a ground attack by Assad regime in al-Lajat in Daraa northern countryside on Saturday, according to Orient News correspondent. 

Local activists told Orient Net that Assad terrorists tried to advance from al-Wardat area near the International Highway but were pushed back by opposition fighters. During the clashes, opposition fighters destroyed two tanks and killed a number of Assad terrorists. 

Assad regime targeted multiple locations in al-Lajat including, Qieratah, Haamer, Jieneen, al-Mujaidel, Koum al-Rumman and al-Sawwan with airstrikes and artillery shelling. Oppositions fighters retaliated by shelling regime positions in Izr’a, Sheikh Miskeen and the Ninth Division. 

In the last two days, many people from al-Lajat left the area because of the ongoing attacks by Assad regime.

Iran-backed militias and Assad regime have increased their attacks on opposition-held areas in total disregard for the ceasefire that was declared late last month.

A countrywide ceasefire in Syria was declared on Thursday (29 December 2016), after Turkey, Russia and opposition fighting groups reached a deal in the Turkish capital Ankara. According to the deal, Turkey and Russia would act as guarantor countries for the implementation of the ceasefire.