Assad bombardment kills 3 civilians in eastern Ghouta

Orient Net 2017-01-06 15:41:00

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Assad regime and Iran-backed militias targeted Friday Misraba east of Damascus killing two civilians and injuring others, Orient News correspondent reported.

Multiple cities and towns in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus were targeted by cluster bombs. In Douma, at least one was killed and three others were injured. Al-Marj was also hit with five cluster bombs. Moreover, Iran-backed and Assad terrorists targeted the towns of Housh, al-Salihiyyah, Outaya, Hazrama with artillery shelling.


Activists said the bombardment was meant to stop the protests that were held in eastern Ghouta and other parts of Syria in support and in solidarity with Wadi Barada which had been under attack by Hezbollah and Assad regime for past 15 days.