Opposition issues clarifications about Syria ceasefire

Orient Net 2016-12-31 14:19:00

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Opposition fighting groups released a joint statement on Saturday clarifying their position from Iran-backed militias and Assad regime violations of the ceasefire. 

In the joint statement issued by 11 opposition fighting groups that signed the ceasefire deal in the Turkish capital Ankara, the opposition demanded that Russia acts on its responsibility as guarantor of Assad regime and militias backing it to stop their continued violations of the ceasefire.

The statement also called on the UN Security Council to delay voting on the Russian-Turkish draft resolution about the ceasefire until Russia stops all violations from Assad regime. The opposition added that they are only committed to the copy of the ceasefire agreement they signed, as it appeared that the regime had signed a different copy of deal which was missing a number of key and essential points that are non-negotiable.

The statement said opposition groups abided by the ceasefire since it took effect but would consider the deal void if Iran-backed militias and Assad regime continued to violate the ceasefire.

Opposition groups that issued the statement are: Jabhat Ahl al-Sham, Idlib Free Army, al-Shamiyyeh Front, al-Sham Brigade, Jaysh al-Islam, al-Islam Martyrs Brigade, al-Rahman Brigade, Jaysh al-Nasr, Jaysh al-Ezzah, First Coastal Division and Fastaqim Kama Omert (be straight as you were ordered). 

A countrywide ceasefire in Syria went into effect at midnight on Thursday (2200GMT), after Turkey, Russia and opposition fighting factions reached a deal in the Turkish capital Ankara. Turkey and Russia would act guarantor countries for the implementation of the ceasefire.