Multiple ceasefire violations by Assad regime recorded

Orient Net 2016-12-31 10:13:00

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Iran-backed militias and Assad regime attacked multiple areas in Syria on Saturday in violation of the ceasefire which went into effect at midnight on Thursday.

Iran-backed and Assad terrorists targeted Douma with heavy artillery shelling and tried to advance in the Homs-Damascus highway near Douma with seven tanks. Opposition fighters were able to repel the attack destroying a tank and killing 16 Iran-backed and Assad terrorists, according to Orient News correspondent.

Orient News correspondents confirmed that Iran-backed militias and Assad regime also attacked the towns of al-Meida’any and Bait Sahm in the eastern Ghouta of Damascus. 

On Friday, Assad warplanes targeted villages and towns in Hamah northern countryside with 20 airstrikes, Orient News correspondents reported. 

In Aleppo, Iran-backed terrorists violated the ceasefire Thursday by targeting the village of al-Buweidah and Jabal al-Mdwarah in Aleppo southern countryside with artillery shelling. 

The villages of al-Saan al-Aswad, Um Sharshooh and al-Rastan in Homs northern countryside were also hit with artillery shelling by Assad terrorists.

Moreover, a civilian was killed Friday after Hezbollah and Assad terrorists targeted Bassimeh in Wadi Barada east of Damascus with four barrel bombs and artillery shelling. Terrorists from the Lebanese Hezbollah militia tried to advance on the front of al-Husainiyah in Wadi Barada but were repelled by opposition fighters. 

In southern Syria, Assad terrorists targeted with mortar and artillery shelling the town of al-Yadoudeh and al-Lajat area in Daraa.

A countrywide ceasefire in Syria went into effect at midnight on Thursday (2200GMT), after Turkey, Russia and opposition fighting factions reached a deal in the Turkish capital Ankara. Turkey and Russia will act as guarantor countries for the implementation of the ceasefire.