In Syria, time is against Assad

In Syria, time is against Assad
In an article published on Saturday in Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, Kuwaiti researcher Dr Mohammed Rumaihi wrote that given the Aleppo catastrophes, “time” will on the long run be against Bashar al-Assad regime and anyone who helps it.

Also in the same edition, Iranian opposition figure and researcher Karim Abdian Bani Said wrote saying the Khomeini regime is incapable of being loyal when it comes to paying the price for the Syrian tragedy, particularly when it comes to rebuilding it. According to one study, the cost for rebuilding Syria’s financial, administrative, legal and other destroyed sectors amounts to around $ 1 trillion and more.

I will add this to their inability to comprehend basic facts – that the Shiites are a minority in the Islamic world and in the Arab world. The situation is bad due to a state of divide among Arabs, America’s disappointing policies under Barack Obama, Russia’s insolence and ISIS’ threat.

However, all this is temporary. Iranian interventions and Russian interference will soon get a different response. Popular anger will rise against open wounds and assault on dignity.

There are those who have spoken about Khomeini’s and Russia’s recklessness, aided with their Lebanese and Iraqi proxies and Pakistan’s and Afghanistan’s peasants from the Shiite minorities, in the Syrian and Iraqi hell. Among those who addressed this recklessness is Noah Feldman, an American law professor and an expert in Iraqi and Syrian affairs.

Shielding Europe

What concerns the West about Middle East crises is the refugees on their shores out of fear over the European identity and out of fear of ISIS infiltrating their continent, such as the case with the murderer behind the recent truck attack in Berlin.

However, shielding Europe from these threats will not be achieved via negativity or via a shortsighted security vision or by siding with the Russians and handing them the Syrian affair, like with the Astana negotiations in Kazakhstan which violate the Geneva terms of reference.

The solution lies in directly addressing the situation. The problem is related to systematic oppression of a majority of people via a hateful and sectarian approach.

Even Shiites in the region, whether Arabs or non-Arabs, must rise against Khomeini’s adventures which harm the Shiites to serve Iranian interests. Few days ago, Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari, the Iranian commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), said Aleppo is the frontline of defending Iran – of course defending it with the blood of young men from Lebanon, Iraq and Iran.

This is perhaps what made former Hezbollah Secretary General Sobhi al-Tufaili recently say in a sad summary that regional and international policy “enabled Tehran from isolating the sons of the Shiite sect in the region.”

Time, as Rumaihi put it, is against Assad and those who help him facilitate his offensive.

Mshari Al Thaydi (Asharq Al-Awsat)

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