Syrians, Iranians hold joint anti Assad-Iran protest in Paris

Orient Net 2016-12-26 17:27:00

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A rally was held Saturday (December 24) in front of the Iranian regime’s embassy in Paris at the invitation of ‘Syrian Revolution coordination’.

Hundreds of Syrians and many members and supporters of the Iranian resistance participated in the demonstration to protest the crimes against humanity, which have been committed against the heroic people of Aleppo by Assad terrorists and Iranian regime’s mercenaries. The demonstrators also gathered to condemn the attempts of the Iranian Guards to block the relocation of civilians and opposition fighters from eastern Aleppo.

The protesters waved flags of the Syrian revolution and the flags of the Iranian resistance, and born slogans against Khamenei and Assad, stressing the need to hold both accountable before international courts.

A number of Syrian, Iranian and French figures joined the rally and spoke on this occasion. The figures included Mr. Ahmed Drickznla General Coordinator of the Syrian community in Paris, His Excellency Bishop Jacques Gaillot, whose presence in the rally was not expected, and Ms. Zolal Habibi, member of PMOI Central Council on behalf of the Iranian resistance.