Snowfall brings black days for Idlib’s refugee camps

Orient Net - Baladi News 2016-12-24 07:00:00

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The miserable living conditions of the refugees in the camps of Idlib western countryside were aggravated with the advent of winter. 

No sooner had the refugees repaired their tents after heavy rainfall than snow fell heavily to add an additional crisis to 450 hungry families in al-Safsafa camp under the absence of civil society organizations.

“All that I think about is finding firewood to warm my 5 children. We are living in an 8 m2 tent that lacks stone or wood supports, which causes water and snow to leak into the tent,” Ghada Om Iyad, one of the refugees, told Baladi News.

Abu Ahmad, the manager of al-Safsafa camp, complained that “charity organizations’ representatives visit the camp for statistics purposes only. They did not keep any of their promises to provide diesel and firewood for the harsh winter.”

The speaker indicated that “the recent heavy snowfall caused the collapse of many tents that the refugees built themselves after fleeing their towns in Hama countryside due to the systematic attacks of Assad regime and the supporting militias.”

The situation is not much difficult in the near al-Ta’akhi camp as expressed by its manager, Yasser al-Darwish, who described the situation as disastrous for the refugees living in tents made of worn fabrics and lacking firewood, diesel, and thick clothes.

It is noteworthy that a recent snow storm hit most of the Syrian provinces to aggravate the sufferings of the Syrians, especially those living in random camps unsupported by large organizations.