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Assad will not be victorious

Orient Net - Al-Hayat 2016-09-21 11:30:00

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Hazem Saghya explains in his article in Al-Hayat that since Assad entered the destroyed and ghost town of Darayya, his sense of victory escalated, especially since he has guaranteed himself within the US-Russian truce; his removal is no longer a US nor a Turkish matter.

However, the writer argues that Assad’s own interpretation of victory is a mirage; “he cannot win, not today nor in any near future.”

The writer explains his argument by stating that Assad has been insulted by the majority of the Syrian people let alone the whole world.

In addition, the writer argues that this regime needed to call for Russian and Iranian help to maintain its entity as a regime which actually doubles its humiliation in the international scope.

Moreover, the conditions of displacement which millions of Syrians were forced to go through and the rise of sectarianism added to the regime’s impossible quality of ever being victorious, the writer argues.

“After taking everything into account, can a regime combining its most extreme tyrant quality with its most extreme retaliatory one with the weakest military, security, political and economic tools ever exist in the Arab world after its experience with revolutions?” the writer asks.

The writer concludes by saying although Assad’ was luckier than other Arab leaders, his luck caused more bloodshed in Syria. “This proves that Assad will not win and will not govern. But for his opponents to be defeated and for the old Syria, which his father engineered, to no longer exist are two subjects still open for discussion.”