Madaya’s siege-caused meningitis deprives children of school

Madaya’s siege-caused meningitis deprives children of school
Head of Local Council of Madaya and Boukein in Damascus western countryside, Mohammad Essa, declared on Monday postponing the beginning of the school year until further notice, in order to avoid spreading meningitis.

In a video footage, Essa stressed that postponing schools is done fearing the spread of meningitis among children in Madaya. He called on the UN, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and Red Cross to allow humanitarian and medical aid as soon as possible to Madaya, in addition to allowing vaccines needed for children before the schools open.'>(Mohammad Essa, Head of the Local Council of Madaya and Boukein in a still from the video footage)

The head of Madaya and Boukein local council also called on the Red Cross to establish a medical point inside Madaya, and provide it with necessary staff and equipment. He called for opening humanitarian corridors as well, in order to evacuate critical and emergency cases.

Madaya was recently declared a meningitis-afflicted city after the family of the child Ahmad Ez Eddin and one of the medical body of Madaya were diagnosed with meningitis, along with many other cases which were reported in a frequent and rapid manner in the city.

In a similar context, relief bodies announced postponing the entry of assistance to Madaya and al-Zabadani because the SARC suspended its operations for three days following the massacre that was perpetrated by Assad jets in Orem al-Kubra in Aleppo western countryside, where a UN aid convoy was targeted, and 12 SARC staff  and volunteers were killed.

It is worthy to remind that the border city of Madaya, which is inhabited by about 40 thousand civilians, has been besieged by the Shiite Hezbollah terrorists for almost a year. The town is suffering a dire humanitarian situation, especially after baby formula has run out, the prices have soured, and the medicines and medical items have become scarce, as the last aid convoy entered Madaya 100 days ago. 

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