Assad regime closes in on al-Waer, threatens with bombing

Orient Net 2016-09-20 10:02:00

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The evacuation of hundreds of opposition fighters and their families from Homs’ besieged al-Waer neighborhood was, once more, postponed on Tuesday, after they were expected to -forcefully-leave today, Orient News correspondent reported.

Assad terrorists closed on Tuesday all the roads from the besieged al-Waer to Homs city. They also prevented the entry of bread and vegetables from the surrounding checkpoints, Saifullah al-Ahmad, Orient News correspondent said.

Assad terrorists gave a limited period of time for those visiting the neighborhood to leave within 3 hours before escalation of bombardment on the neighborhood starts, Orient News correspondent added.

Head of Assad regime’s Security of State intelligence branch, Oqab Abbas, called one of the negotiators and threatened that if opposition fighters did not leave al-Waer neighborhood, the neighborhood will be intensively bombarded again, Orient Net learned from special sources.

The exit of one batch of opposition fighters, the injured and their families to Idlib, failed as there were no guarantees of their safety.

Homs’ Assad governor, Tala al-Barazi, said late on Monday that the expected evacuation of opposition fighters from their last bastion in al-Waer will be delayed for a couple of days.

When the circumstances become suitable, the evacuation of the fighters and their families will start immediately, al-Barazi said according to Reuters.

It is worthy to remind hat around 200 opposition fighters in the besieged al-Waer refuse to leave their neighborhood according to the agreement with Assad terrorists, unless there are guarantees for their safety, and unless the locations of UN staff, who refused to participate in the process of displacement, are specified.