The airstrike that didn’t take place

The airstrike that didn’t take place
Abdulrahman Al-Rashed writes in Asharq Al-Awsat that the only right action the U.S. took in Syria was the mis-targeted airstrike which struck the regime’s military sites in Deir Ezzor for the first time.

If the U.S. forces had continued to target Assad’s forces intentionally or by mistake, the regime would have showed more interest in negotiations and peaceful solutions that might end this tragedy. However, the writer explains, the lack of balance in the face of Iran and Russia has led to the persistence of war and gave birth to ISIS and propped the Assad regime’s rejection of any solution that doesn’t grant it full control over the country.

The writer wonders if the airstrike was intentional! The answer is: Absolutely not, because the Americans would have justified their action in a different way or even blamed the regime forces or the Russians.

Al-Rashed concludes by stating that the Syrian opposition prevented Assad’s forces, Iranians and Russians from achieving their plan, which is to end the crisis by raging their war collectively. They failed, although they besieged the FSA in several areas and confirms that the U.S. raid on Assad’s forces might motivate Russians to coordinate more in order to avoid similar mistakes.

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