Yes, Assad downed the two Israeli warplanes

Ali Hmeidi 2016-09-20 15:00:00

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Between the right to retaliate and the actual retaliation, forty years or more was enough time for the regime of the two Assads to put an end to its continuous and perpetual ‘reserve of the right to retaliate’ to the Israeli aggression that has been targeting the Syrian land. 

Decades passed with the regime’s diplomatic and media tools trying to dodge even these Israel actions in order to avoid its continuous commitment to retaliate to the aggression, let alone adopting the theory of retaliation to others and the adoption of the illusions of its victory. It is a theory based on promoting the support of an axis whose only justification to exist is to fight Israel. This was adopted as a strategic option. Time, however, showed that this axis was preparing to protect the regime from the people’s revolution and to block any political national project in the area, be it in Syria or in Lebanon, rather than to fight Israel. Time also showed that it is an axis within a passing Iranian project whose roots are sectarian, disguised with the duty of liberating Palestine.

All this changed a week ago when the Assad regime announced that it downed two Israeli warplanes in one go. The planes were attacking regime-controlled sites in Quneitra. The regime, through its ministry of defense, issued an official statement, in a way similar to what respected fully sovereign countries do. The resistance group did not need more than a few minutes to start playing the tunes of victory and those of defeating the enemy. The real value of Assad forces’ retaliation to Israel is the morale and field value at a time when Assad is fighting the “terrorism” of the whole world. A few hours later, Israel issued a statement saying that the news announced by the Assad regime was not true. This, however, did not stop the continuity of the analysis for days, glorifying the victory and attempting to prove that Assad forces did down the warplanes. This continued before the issue became more realistic, depending on the Israeli statement which clarified that: true fire was shot while its warplanes were hovering above Quneitra and that this shooting was enough for the axis of “resistance” to claim distinguished victory and rather a dividing line between the stage of preserving the right to retaliate and the actual retaliation. Israel was swift, two days later, to end the retaliation stage by bombing sites controlled by the Assad regime.

All that was said about the downing, the retaliation with the confirmation and the denial and the re-occurrence of the bombing were materials that fueled the mentioned axis. The axis started using the news in both cases, downing or mere shooting, to exaggerate the situation because it simply wanted to make its naïve adherents recall the scenario of the Israeli war after many incidents uncovered a rapprochement between the Assad regime and Israel especially via the Russian aggression that is already, openly, coordinating with Israel. Assad wants any victory no matter where. This time, he exaggerated the illusion to the extent that it seemed as if it were an unprecedented defeat of the Israelis, followed by releasing forged photos of wrecked warplanes which Assad analysts were not ashamed of using although it was easy to establish that they were fake. The aim was to raise the morale and to export a fake victory to prove a supposed enmity with Israel, even if it were without evidence or photos or with a false statement. 

Some of the pro-Assad media were ‘more cunning’ as they adopted a different viewpoint when they realized that carrying on with the lie of downing the two warplanes, without evidence, was ridiculous. They started promoting the idea of merely shooting missiles regardless of the result. It was no longer important if these missiles hit any targets or not; what was important was that on their radar screens these missiles existed and this in itself is a historic victory.

A case of exhaustion suffered by the pro-Assad media by creating a victory out of the blue, out of a fake downing of Israeli warplanes or even a missile launching process or even by mere possessing of such missiles… what is more exhausting is building on such data to the extent of spreading a missionary of a new era of conquests that instills the values of fighting Israel, the “eternal” enemy and the supporter of the “terrorist” groups which are fighting Assad. Poor are those who are trying today to convince the adherents that a real enmity is the essence of the relation with Israel. Poor are they to the degree of pity when they try in vain to raise the morale. It is possible that their insistence on this issue may make Israel itself feel sorry for them to the extent of issuing a statement saying that yes, Assad downed the warplane or rather the two warplanes.