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The fate of the Syrian opposition at the hands of Obama

Orient Net - Al-Hayat 2016-09-18 11:57:00

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Elias Harfoosh writes in Al-Hayat that the Syrian opposition may console itself after the agreement between the US and Russia took place behind its back by remembering the US nuclear deal with Iran.

“The Obama administration could have made the agreement with Iran in exchange for obtaining commitments from Tehran to stop meddling in the affairs of the Arab region,” the writer suggests, emphasizing that the US was in a position it could have gotten Iranian concessions, at a time when Iran was in need to come to this agreement to ease the sanctions that were imposed on it, which had become a burden on its economy, on its internal political situation and the degree of popular loyalty enjoyed by the regime.

In addition, the Obama administration presented Iran with “both the carrot and stick at the same time,” the writer argues, and it ended up with Iran and Israel being the only beneficiaries of the nuclear deal, while the countries in the region – friends of Washington – face the consequences of Iran’s growing power.

The writer then states that the Obama administration is currently doing the same thing with the Syrian opposition, pointing out that it sacrificed the opposition several times before just as it is doing now with this agreement, which will end with the annihilation of the Syrian opposition under the pretext of combating terrorism without mentioning the role played by Iran and its sectarian Shiite mercenaries.

“John Kerry praises the agreement reached with Sergei Lavrov, arguing that the alternative would be more bloodshed, but US Secretary of State prefers to ignore the fact that this accumulation of dead is due to the inaction of his boss when he could have put an end to the Assad regime, at least when it committed a massacre in Ghouta with chemical weapons three years ago,” the writer argues, explaining that just like before, Assad will be relieved from all of his crimes and he will face no consequences. 

Thanks to the US, Russia – whose VETO power has left Assad unaccountable for his crimes – has become a party to the supposed political process which will not lead to any realistic results except for extending Assad’s term against the will of the Syrian people, the writer concludes.