ISIS progresses, Assad regime withdraws in Damascus’ al-Qalamoon

Orient Net 2016-09-17 16:35:00

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ISIS took control in the last 48 hours of many strategic hills in Damascus eastern countryside’s al-Qalamoon in an attempt to tighten the siege on opposition fighters, Orient News correspondent said.

"ISIS terrorists are striving to progress towards the mountains of al-Naseriyya to complete the siege on the city of Jeyrood. If they captured Jayrood, the road towards al-Demier and Damascus-Baghdad road will be under their fire.

“Assad regime intends to withdraw from some areas and it will create other fronts of engagement with ISIS terrorists in the Qalamoon, military observers said.

Assad terrorists aim in pursuing this strategy of withdrawing at vindicating bombing the opposition-held areas and pursuing the same scenario of Darayya under the pretext of fighting ISIS.