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Before the death of the patient

Orient Net - Al-Hayat 2016-09-13 11:02:00

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Ghassan Charbel – in his latest article in Al-Hayat – begins by stating that Sergei Lavrov will enter history as the master of illusions.

The writer explains that Putin needed a partner that could – even after annexing Crimea, destabilizing Ukraine and suffering international sanctions – convince the world that Russia militarily intervened in Syria to fight terrorism.

Furthermore, Putin does not want to give the impression that he brought an open-ended war, he wants to break the will of the Sunni majority of the region and ensure that his image of “fighting terrorism” reaches his own citizens, the writer explains, adding that the latest agreement almost gave him a Certificate of good conduct despite his warplanes’ atrocities on the Syrian opposition. 

The writer then mentions that Obama does not want to end his term without doing something regarding the greatest genocide since WWII, explaining that “he wants to give the impression that he fought till his very last breath.” 

The agreement gave Obama the opportunity to cleanse his hands one more time from the Syrian conflict, the writer explains.

The writer then points out that both the Assad regime and Iran approved this US-Russian agreement, as if they cared about humanitarian corridors., adding that Turkey approved of the agreement.

It is too early to list out the victories, defeats and victims; however, we already know the name of the martyr, Syria, the writer explains.

The writer then states that if the ceasefire actually takes place then the heart of the Syrian will break after uncovering the vicious realities that were hidden underneath the gunfire, ultimately breaking the heart of the Arab as well because Damascus is not just a transient capital in our history, nor is Baghdad, as if it is in the fate of Arabism to lose here and there. 

“It may prove later that the agreement is trying to save one last time the patient before declaring him/her dead,” the writer concludes.