Hama’s Kokab village captured by opposition

Orient Net 2016-09-11 18:12:00

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Opposition fighters declared on Sunday liberating Kokab village in Hama eastern countryside after clashes with Assad terrorists and supporting allied militias, Orient News correspondent reported.

Jund al-Aqsa opposition faction was able to fully liberate the strategic Kokab village, in addition to capturing a number of weapons and ammunition. The village is considered one of the first defense lines of Assad regime in Hama city and a supply line for the Iranian militias located in the villages of al-Raghbeh, al-Ttleiseh, and Ma’an in Hama northeastern countryside. It is also considered a defense line for al-Mobten, Mreiwid, and al-Faan al-Wastani villages.

Jund al-Aqsa declared earlier on Sunday that it carried out a suicide attack at the entrance of Kokab village, where an assembly of Assad terrorists and allied sectarian militias was targeted. Eleven of Assad terrorists and their supporting militias were killed by the attack.

Meanwhile, other opposition fighters’ factions are preparing to storm Zain al-Abideen Mountain, which is considered the center of command for operations, cyber-war and signal for Assad terrorists.

Assad regime is utilizing Zain al-Abideen Mountain’s altitude to place howitzers and rocket launchers and attack Hama’s northern and Idlib’s southern countryside.