Opposition declares new offensive in Daraa, Quneitra

Orient Net 2016-09-11 15:25:00

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Opposition fighters announced on Sunday launching a new offensive under the name of “Mujahidoun until Victory”. The offensive is aimed at liberating a number of posts and military sites in the triangle of death in Daraa and breaking the siege laid by Assad terrorists on Damascus western countryside.

Opposition fighters’ factions started the offensive with artillery and rocket preparatory shelling on Assad posts in Tel Gherrin. Opposition was able to destroy an Assad howitzer and a kill a number of Assad terrorists.

The strategic importance of the triangle of death area comes from the fact that it links Damascus countryside, Quneitra countryside, and Daraa countryside together. The front line extends from Tel Gherrin until al-Ba’th City. This area contains a number of Assad –held hills and military contingents.

By launching this new offensive, opposition fighters aim to break the siege of Damascus western countryside, and link Daraa countryside and Quneitra countryside with Kanaker and Deir Makir towns on al-Salam highway, in addition to besieging Assad and Hezbollah terrorists, who are located in al-Ba’th City.