Assad’s warplanes kill 6 civilians in Aleppo

Orient Net 2016-09-05 14:32:00

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Assad regime’s jet fighters killed today six civilians of the same family after they conducted airstrikes on the neighborhood of al-Sukari in Aleppo, Orient News correspondents Ibrahim al-Khateeb said.

"Vacuum missiles struck al-Sukari neighborhood east of Aleppo claiming the lives of six civilians of the same family and injuring many others. The intensity of the indiscriminate air attacks leveled multiple-storey-buildings to the ground in the area. Civil defense volunteers rushed to pull survivors from under the rubble" Orient Net learnt from an eye witness.

Video footage, which was disseminated on social media, showed graphic contents which can not be published on Orient Net

Opposition fights back

Opposition fighters targeted Monday Assad terrorists’ gatherings with a military vehicle BMP bomb in the neighborhood of al-Ameriyya east of Aleppo, Orient News correspondent said.

"The BMP attack enabled opposition fighters to take control of blocks of the blue buildings which overlook the Air Force technical College," Orient Net learnt from an eye witness. 

The BMP attack by Jaysh al-Fatth came only day after Assad terrorists renewed their siege of Aleppo in retaking al- Ramosa which is a vast military complex taken over by allied opposition fighters last month.