Entire Syrian-Turkish border cleared from ISIS

Entire Syrian-Turkish border cleared from ISIS
Opposition fighters were able on Sunday to secure the entire border line with Turkey, linking the city of Jarablus in the east with al-Ra’i and reaching to Azaz after controlling tens of villages between them, Orient News correspondent reported.

Free Syrian Army factions, which are members of operations rooms of Euphrates Shield and Hiwar Kilis, controlled on Sunday al-Ghanodora, Qubbet al-Turkmen, Ghanama, Sweideh Shimalyya, Tel A’sad, al-Boranyya and Tweiran villages, after fierce battles with ISIS militants.

CyANUEa6MfA(Fastaqem faction’s battles to the east of al-Ra’i)

Turkish tanks entered on Saturday al-Ra’i town in Aleppo northern countryside in order to support FSA as a part of Euphrates Shield’s battles.

Turkish army sent 15 tanks to the western side of al-Ra’i town to support Euphrates Shield operations room in the military action aimed at connecting al-Ra’i with Jarablus on the Syrian-Turkish border, according to Osama Hmeid, Orient News correspondent.

It is worth mentioning that many Free Syrian Army factions including Division 13, Mountain Falcons Brigade, Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement, and Sultan Murad Brigade launched on August 24 Operation Euphrates Shield aimed at pushing ISIS out of Jarablus, backed by Turkish ground troops and U.S.-led coalition jet fighters.

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