Hama: Opposition takes control of new Assad checkpoint

Orient Net 2016-09-03 16:32:00

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Opposition fighters took control on Saturday afternoon of a new Assad regime’s checkpoint, al-Noqeteh Qamseen (The point 50), in Homs northern countryside after heavy clashes with Assad terrorists, Orient News correspondent said. 

The new captured checkpoint lies to the north  of the strategic town of Qamehaya. 

Meanwhile, the opposition’s Jund al-Aqsa made some progress towards the village of Alexandria to the south of Tal Ma’adas in the same area, their artillery shells also hit the mountain Zein al-Abedeen. 

In the front of Kawkab village, fierce clashes erupted between Assad terrorists and opposition fighters resulted in destroying a number of the regime’s machine guns and military vehicles.

Earlier on Friday, opposition fighters took control Friday of new Assad terrorists’ checkpoints in Hama northern countryside as the video published after the operation of capturing al-Shle’ait checkpoint showed, the media office of the opposition’s Jaysh al-Ezza, a main fighting group in the area, reported.

The opposition’s push in Hama marks a new challenge for Assad and his allies in a part of Syria where Assad has tried to consolidate the grip on power against a five-year-long push to depose his regime.

An official in one of the opposition groups waging the attack, Jaysh al-Nasr, told Reuters news agency that both Assad and Russian jets were involved in heavy airstrikes. Russia has been bombing opposition for almost a year.