Aleppo is bleeding; world is sleeping!

Orient Net - Pakistan Observer 2016-09-05 04:00:00

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Arhama Siddiqa writes in Pakistan Observer that the past several years have seen a flood of horrific photos from Syria: starving children, wounded civilians, mourning crowds, devastated cities, the many dead. 

This is nothing new for Syrians; resolution after resolution and statement after statement has brought no light to end this years old conflict, Siddiqa says, adding that even though the United Nations admits that starvation is, mostly, “systematically” deployed by the regime against civilians, but actions do not follow words. 

It is high time to set aside wishful thinking and aim for a sustainable political resolution that incorporates preservation and reform of state institutions; guarantees security for all communities; empowers locals to play a lead role in their own protection; and delineates responsibilities through constitutional provisions, Siddiqa goes on to say.

Indiscriminate tactics, criminal behaviour and the widespread sectarian rhetoric should be punished, and priorities should include pressuring the regime to allow humanitarian access to assaulted areas, the writer adds and administrative hurdles obstructing aid delivery elsewhere need to be removed. 

The writer goes on listing a set of measures that are needed such as creative approaches to end the massive education crisis, with more than two million Syrian children out of school, increasing funds to address shortfalls in UN refugee-support programs, and increasing development aid to neighbouring countries which are bearing the burdens of the refugee crisis. 

There are no more excuses left; war has to be halted and violence needs to stop, Siddiqa asserts.

“How many mass graves need to be dug before the international community is sufficiently jolted out of their stupor,” Siddiqa concludes.