YPG on the alert after many defections in SDF

YPG on the alert after many defections in SDF
A number of Liberation Brigade fighters reached on Friday the city of Jarablus in Aleppo eastern countryside, including Abu Muhammad Kafar Zaita the commander of the Brigade, Orient News correspondent reported.

Liberation Brigade declared Thursday evening its defection from the PYD-controlled Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) organization.

Also, Ahrar al-Raqqa Brigade, led by Frahan al-Askar, fought fierce battles with YPG, PKK’s affiliate in Syria, and was able to control a number of villages. 

Fierce clashes took place between Ahrar al-Raqqa Brigade and YPG organization to the west of Ein Essa city. Ahrar al-Raqqa was able to control six villages and capture fifteen YPG militants, according to Ein Essa News Agency.

Meanwhile, Ahrar al-Raqqa brigade erected a checkpoint on Abu Serra crossroad to the west of Ein Essa and flew the Revolution flag for the first time since joining SDF, according to the network.

This comes while the YPG-held city of Tel Abyad is witnessing a wide-scale spreading of the organization’s checkpoints in the city’s inner roads, according to activists, adding that reinforcements for YPG arrived in the city.

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