Old ceasefire temporarily restored in Homs’ al-Waer

Orient Net 2016-09-01 04:17:00

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After a series of meetings and deliberations, the local committee of Homs’ al-Waer neighborhood has reached, in principle, to an agreement with the Assad regime. The parties have agreed upon the following:

1- Restoring former agreements, which were repeatedly violated by Assad terrorists.   

2- Establishing the ceasefire and stopping all hostilities. 

3- Partially lifting the siege laid by Assad regime.

4- Allowing fighters to leave the neighborhood, if they were willing to exit.  

Osama Abo Zeid, the director of Homs’ media office, told Orient Net that the meeting was held in Homs’ al-Safir Hotel, and the agreement was reinstated after seven months of Assad regime’s violations. 

The fate of the detainees in the Assad regime’s detention centres is to be discussed in the coming meetings, according to Homs’ media office.  

Earlier this week, al-Waer’s local committee of negotiations passed a statement in which it called upon the UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistrua and upon the UN Human Rights Committee to put pressure on Assad regime to halt military escalation which aimed at changing the demographic make-up of population in Homs through pursuing the policy of forced displacement from the neighborhood. 

One of committee’s members said that the Assad regime aimed at repeating the scenario of what happened in the Old Homs of displacement in al-Waer. 

Al-Waer has been under Assad regime’s siege for more than three years, with residents of the opposition-held area deprived of food and aid supplies while also being prevented from leaving due to heavy shelling and bombardment in addition to the siege laid on the area.