Opposition captures Taibat al-Imam in Hama northern countryside

Orient Net 2016-08-30 17:25:00

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Opposition fighters gained on Tuesday control over Taibat al-Imam city in Hama northern countryside after fierce clashes with Assad terrorists and allied militias, Orient News correspondent reported.

Jund al-Aqsa opposition faction was able to fully control Taibat al-Imam after liberating the northwestern neighborhoods in the city. This came shortly after opposition seized the strategic al-Samman checkpoint at the city entrance.

Opposition was also able to liberate al-Nasiryya town and hilltop to the southeast of Helfaya after controlling Beit Sbeih and al-Bteish checkpoints to the south of the city.

Earlier today, Jaysh al-Nasr re-captured al-Bowaydah village after losing it to Assad terrorists yesterday on Monday.

Also, Jaysh al-Ezza captured Helfaya city in Hama northern country side after fierce clashes with Assad terrorists in Helfaya Hospital, where Assad terrorists were fortifying to defend Mhardeh and Helfaya.

Opposition fighters destroyed two T72 tanks on al-Zallaqiyat checkpoint, and truck-mounted heavy machine guns, in addition to seizing huge amounts of weapons and ammunition.

It is worthy to remind that opposition fighters launched on Monday a major offensive which led today to liberating Helfaya, al-Massasneh, and al-Bowaydah village, after clashes that left dozens of Assad terrorists and allied militias killed and injured.