Jaysh al-Ezza captures Helfaya, inflicts losses on Assad terrorists

Orient Net 2016-08-30 09:47:00

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Opposition fighters continued on Tuesday fighting Assad terrorists in Hama northern countryside as a part of the major offensive launched on Monday, which led to liberating more than thirteen Assad-controlled points, checkpoints and towns, Orient News correspondent reported.

Opposition fighters reached the outskirts of Mhardeh and Taibat al-Iamam, over which fighting is going since Monday night.

Assad terrorists suffered a big defeat and many losses in Hama northern countryside on Monday, as Captain Mostafa Ma’arrati, official spokesperson in Jaysh al-Ezza, one of the biggest participating factions in the offensive, told Orient News in a special statement.

“Opposition fighters launched on Monday a major offensive on Assad terrorists’ assembly points in Hama northern countryside, during which they were able to liberate a number of military checkpoints and strategic areas,” Cpt. Ma’rrati said.

“We agreed with many factions to launch a wide-scale offensive against Assad terrorists on Hama countryside front, which is one of the most important defense lines for Assad terrorists.

Jaysh al-Ezza attacked the area from al-Zallaqiyat reaching to Helfaya city, while Jund al-Aqsa and other opposition factions attacked al-Masasneh village, Taibat al-Imam and al-Bowaydah,” Cpt. Ma’rrati added.

Ma’rrati also said that Jaysh al-Ezza clashed with Assad terrorists located in Zlien, al-Zallaqiyat, Sheilot, and al-Maqshara checkpoints. The clashes ended with controlling these checkpoints and inflicting heavy losses on Assad terrorists.


Two T72 tanks on al-Zallaqiyat checkpoint, and truck-mounted heavy machine guns were destroyed, in addition to seizing huge amounts of weapons and ammunition, according to al-Ma’rrati.

Fierce clashes between opposition fighters in Jaysh al-Ezza and Assad terrorists continued in Helfaya Hospital, where Assad terrorists were fortifying to defend Mhardeh and Helfaya.

Opposition was able to liberate the hospital, then fully controlled Helfaya, while Assad terrorists ran away.